Wise Women Within- Retreat for Women over 50

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“There is a big difference between simply becoming old and aging consciously”.

Join Us If :

  • You experience a calling for change and a new understanding of what it means to be an older woman

  • You are wanting some R and R from your life and time to reflect and re-connect with nature and yourself

  • You are wanting the support and sharing that comes from being with other women in a nurturing environment

  • You are not sure where you are on your life path at this time

  • You want to explore the archetypes and role models of older women

  • You wish to create ritual and ceremony to express your deepest longings and wishes

  • You are ready to begin to create a more conscious and meaningful way of being in your life


You are invited to take part in a weekend workshop & retreat, which will nurture and re-vitalize your relationship to the nature, challenge, and power of being an older woman

This ‘Retreat’ will help you to:

Openly explore universal and personal experiences of aging and shed what no longer serves you

Delve into female archetypes and tap into your innate creativity through poetry, writing, storytelling, and art making (for all levels of experience)

Cultivate what qualities you will need for this stage of your life and create elements of a ceremony to perform with others which will start you on your journey.

Practical Information

 Location-Seven Oaks Retreat Center,Madison, Virginia

We will stay in Oak House, which accommodates about 12-15 in shared rooms. It has beautiful views of the Shenandoah Mountains and is an easy 2 hour drive from Washington, DC, 30 Minutes from Charlottesville and an hour from Richmond.

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 Sample Schedule -Celebrating the Wise Woman Within

 Friday- Arrive anytime after 3 pm…Check in and enjoy!

Dinner- 6 pm

SESSION 1-Friday Evening

Opening Ritual with introductions of participants

Introduction/Overview of weekend

 SESSION 2- Saturday Morning


 9:30 am-12:00 pm

Brief Morning Ritual

  • Archetypes; masculine/feminine dynamics; the universal story

  • Storytelling

  • Explore symbolic references to the aging woman

  • What will you discard? What will you embrace? Select a positive symbol for self.

  • Movement/Meditation/ Art making

 SESSION 3- Saturday Afternoon - 2:00- 5:00 pm

Brief Afternoon Ritual

 Cultivating a Community of Wise Women

  • Focus on Crone & Magicians and Queens-Creative exercise- assessing your story and qualities

  • Shared Storytelling: Queens to explore their fears/apprehensions, strengths and triumphs etc. with Crones…Crones to share lessons including challenges and joys through drama exercise

  • Self-exploration through art/creative expression…how are participant perceptions shifting?

  • Introduce Ceremony elements

  • Group begins to create one or more elements of the ceremony

 Saturday Evening- 8-10 pm- Bonfire and Releasing Ceremony

SESSION 4- Sunday 9-12 pm

Brief Morning Ritual

The Ceremony is enacted

Sunday 12-1 pm-Lunch

1-3 pm

  • Debriefing

  • Closing Ritual

  • Departure