1. Art As Meditation- Guided meditations followed by drawing exercises designed to help you explore your 5 senses to the fullest. 

2. Finding What You Never Lost- Drawing and painting exercises focused on re-connecting to your creativity and strong aspects of yourself.

3. Trashy Art- Transforming Trash into Treasure- Just what it sounds like, we'll turn recyclables into masks, containers, jewelry, you-name-it.

4. Introduction to Humanitarian Clowning- The gentle, subtle, tender way to connect to those in need. Your inner clown will joyfully emrge.

5. The Heroine's Journey- Your life path will unfold through your artwork and universal archetypes.

6. Celebration of the Wise Woman Within- For women over 50. Dispel myths of aging and embrace archetypes of the queen and crone to help you bravely navigate the next phase of your life.

7. SoulCollage(R)- Make a deck of cards based on different aspects of your personality and learn how to use them to help guide you.

8. The Art and Practice of Healing Ceremonies- Create a healing ceremony for yourself or someone else

 9. Specialized Ceremonies throughout the Life Cycle- Learn the in and outs of becoming a Life-Cylce Celebrant

10. Introduction to all kinds of Handmade Books and Stories- Hands-on intensive where you will make several books

11. Me Cards for Children 7 and up- A gentle approach to story telling and problem solving

12. Collective approaches to interpreting and Understanding Your Dreams- Work with proven group methods and art to understand your dreams

13. Eco or Land Art in Nature- An all day outdoor experience of creating art from natural materials

14. Stones on a Path- A unique and fun way to look at your life as a whole, using stones as symbols, metaphors and treasures.


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